Asian Journal of Physics Vol. 30 Nos 8 & 9 (2021) 1365-1375

Applications of multi-wavelength quantitative phase microscopy

Manoj Kumar1, Osamu Matoba1, Xiangyu Quan1, Yasuhiro Awatsuji2 and Yosuke Tamada3


In this paper, some recent advances in the field of multi-wavelength quantitative phase microscopy based on digital holography are presented. The advantages of the multi-wavelength microscopic systems with their contribution to the measurement in many aspects are discussed. The endpoint of this study demonstrates some potential applications of a new configuration of the dual-wavelength digital holographic microscope. © Anita Publications. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Digital holographic microscopy, Quantitative phase imaging, Multi-wavelength, Refractive index and thickness measurement..

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