Aims and Scope

The journal was founded in 1992 – as an international peer reviewed journal of Physics with a mission to providing a forum to discuss the new findings of physics and applied physics, including spectroscopy. Since then research and development in physics has undergone enormous changes. Exploring new aspects of physics and technology have always been a quest for physicists over the years. Consequently, there have been immense developments in all fronts of principles, methodologies and applications. The advent of many new areas of enquiry, discovery of several new phenomena, arrival of different techniques and methodologies for analysis, increase in the range of applicability and topical scope have uniquely enriched the way of physics is understood today. The journal has devotedly attempted to reflect some of these advances as a commitment to fulfill its ever increasing scope.

Asian Journal of Physics aims to publish original contributions and innovations in designated domains of physics as reported from educational and research institutions, government and industrial R&D establishments world-wide. The journal covers any field of contemporary research, development and technology in physics and applied physics. Research articles may focus on the fundamentals or applications of physics with an emphasis on new or original findings relevant to timely and contemporary research considering both experimental and theoretical aspects of knowledge addition. The journal, in parallel with publishing regular papers, periodically invites topical articles and tutorial reviews and special issues on thrust areas of physics.

All submitted manuscripts are initially appraised by the Editor before considering for further processing towards independent peer reviewing by anonymous referees with expertise in the given subject areas.

Topical Edition and Special Issues

Asian Journal of Physics aims to provide to-date knowledge and information on latest developments to physicists and researchers on current research topics; the journal schedules its publications as regular articles, topical review articles and guest edited volumes periodically.

The journal publishes regular articles and topical editions/special issues periodically guest edited by renowned physicists/scientists from educational and research institutions, government and industrial R&D sectors who are established and are well known to have marked contribution to the growth of knowledge in the given area of physics under discussion. The articles are often invited from eminent physicists/scientists and working R&D labs/groups reporting their original and timely research. However, all articles in special issues must report original research and as per the journals policy will be subjected to review by referees as decided by the Editorial Office.

Tutorial Reviews

Tutorial review articles are expected to be elaborated by researcher/scientist having worked on the topic of choice or in a directly related area with adequate knowledge and expertise as a specialist. The review articles should highlight the background and basics of the topic of choice and are required to be presented with an easy introduction to a subject with no prerequisite or background information.

For writing a review article for this journal, a one page synopsis explaining its topicality and likely content may be sent to [email protected] for appraisal by the Editorial Board for further consideration by the topical editor towards processing an invitation to submit a full review.
Please read the  “Instructions for Authors” to prepare their Manuscript