Asian Journal of Physics Vol 32, Nos 9 – 12 (2023) 545-551

Design and development of a thermally stable dual-anode electron gun for space applications

Ambrish Ghadiya, Ramagiri Santhosh Kumar, Shilpi Soni and Dinesh Kumar Singh
Space Applications Centre, ISRO-380 015, Ahmedabad, India
Dedicated to Prof B N Basu

A thermally stable dual-anode convergent electron gun with a perveance of 0.22 µP has been designed and developed for a high-efficiency Ku-band helix traveling-wave tube (TWT) for space applications. To meet the requirements of long life and high reliability of the TWT for space application, two isolated anodes, namely, control anode (CA) and ion-barrier anode (IBA) are incorporated, in addition to a ground anode. The electron gun with an isolated beam forming electrode and an M-type dispenser cathode has been designed using CST Studio. The design is focussed to minimize the variations in the beam current over the operating temperature range –40 to +85 °C. © Anita Publications. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Dual-anode Electron Gun, Helix TWT, Space TWT.

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