Asian Journal of Physics Vol 32, Nos 9 – 12 (2023) 443-450

Design and experimental evaluation of electron gun and periodic permanent magnet focussing structure of a Ku-band space-TWT

A Roy Choudhury, Chirag Mistry, A Nagaraju, Pawan Pareek, Suneeta Arya and Sanjay Kumar Ghosh
CSIR-Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Pilani- 333 031, Rajasthan, India
Dedicated to Prof B N Basu

A low perveance (0.2 μP) electron gun for Ku-band space travelling wave Tube (TWT) has been designed to meet the stringent beam optics requirements. A thorough analysis of sensitivity of the same has been carried out to set the different dimensional tolerances. A confined flow beam with periodic permanent magnets (PPM) focusing has been achieved with the beam ripples less than 10%. The experimental evaluation of the design of the electron gun and the periodic permanent magnet (PPM) focussing structure has been done by developing an actual TWT prototype. © Anita Publications. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Travelling Wave Tube (TWT), Electron Gun, PPM focussing, Space TWT.

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