Asian Journal of Physics Vol 32, Nos 9 – 12 (2023) 601-606

Design and experimental evaluation of variable pulse-width Marx generator

U Shanmuganathan1, Saket Khandekar1, Sree Lakshmi P V1, Sameera Shaik1, Manik Kumar Das1, and S Senthilkumar2
1Microwave Tube R&D Centre, DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Jalahalli, Bangalore – 560 013, India.
2National Institute of Technology, Trichy-620 015,India.
Dedicated to Prof B N Basu

A Marx generator with variable pulse-width has been designed with constant impedance. Marx generator pulse-width is decided by its physical parameters and it cannot be changed. In this work, peaking capacitor along with the Marx generator is designed to vary the pulse-width without changing the physical parameters of pulsed power source. The system was developed and experimentally tested for the output voltage of more than 300kV with pulse-width variation from 59 ns to 109 ns. © Anita Publications. All rights reserved.
Keywords: High voltage generator, Marx generator, Peaking capacitor, Variable pulse-width pulse.

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