Asian Journal of Physics Vol 31, Nos 3 – 6 (2022) A27-A32

Design, experimental demonstration and modeling fiber ring resonator device with fiber cantilever-deflection probe for sensing surrounding electric field

Isha Sharma and Partha Roy Chaudhuri
Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur -721 302, India

Dedicated to Professor Bishnu P Pal for his enormous contributions to the advancement of research and education in science and technology through his unique vision and outstanding dedication

In this report, we describe design, experimental realization and demonstration of a direct coupled fiber ring resonator having a fiber cantilever-deflection transducer in the ring loop for sensing the electric field in the vicinity. The transducer probe is the free end of the fiber forming the loop whose tip is coated with cobalt-modified bismuth ferrite nanoparticles forming a deflecting fiber cantilever. We performed a series of experiments to investigate the observed resultant variation of resonance patterns in the environment of varying electric field. We successfully demonstrate a sensitivity of 0.05 kV/cm in the dynamic range of 0 – 0.75 kV/cm. We provide a theoretical platform to model the working principle of the cantilever-based fiber resonator. The transmission characteristics of our model precisely mimic the experimental transmission signature, thereby establishing the efficacy of the model that defines the operating principle of the device. © Anita Publications. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Fiber-optic sensor, Cantilever beam deflection, Fiber ring resonator, Electric field sensor.

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