Asian Journal of Physics Vol 31, Nos 11 & 12 (2022) 1095-1115

Dynamic holographic displays: a review

Sonali Chakrabarty, Bhargab Das and Raj Kumar
CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organization, Sector 30C, Chandigarh- 160 030, India

Dedicated to Professor Partha Banerjee for his enormous contributions to the advancement of research
and education in holography through his unique vision and outstanding dedication

Holography does not require any additional optics for reconstruction of the object wavefront, nor any eyewear is required to visualize the depth perception. It produces realistic 3D image with natural depth cues visible without any eye strain. However, implementation of dynamic holographic display or holographic TV system on commercial level is still a dream. In this article, we have researched how far the technology has come till date towards achieving a usable 3D dynamic display. We have reviewed the advancements that have taken place in different types of holographic methodologies. We also report some of the ongoing work at CSIR-CSIO Chandigarh, on dynamic holographic dynamic displays. © Anita Publications. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Photorefractive material, Electronic holography, Digital holography, Holographic television, Dynamic display.

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