Asian Journal of Physics Vol. 30 Nos 10 & 11 (2021) 1521-1526

Interferometric metrology in spatially quasi-incoherent light
M Sjödahl, V Dembele, J Wahl and K Ramser


The purpose of this paper is to re-visit two interferometric techniques that utilize a spatially quasi-incoherent light source to perform interferometric measurements on diffusely scattering objects. The first technique is a lateral shear interferometer that shifts the field in the spatial frequency domain to obtain single-shot measurements of shape. The second technique is a phase-stepped Michelson type interferometer used to generate depth-gated images of scattering objects. Both techniques demonstrate the ability of spatially quasi-incoherent light to produce speckle-free results with interferometric accuracy over a well-defined volume in space. © Anita Publications. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Interferometry, Shear interferometry, Depth-gated imaging.

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