Asian Journal of Physics Vol. 30 Nos 10 & 11 (2021) 1601-1616

Optical wave and beam propagation in hyperbolic metamaterials comprising multilayer metallo-dielectric structures
Hammid Al-Ghezi, Rudra Gnawali, and Partha P Banerjee


The unique optical properties of multilayered metamaterial structures can be used to improve optical devices such as transmission filters, and sensors etc. This review is a summary of our recent work in this area. First, we present a summary of our studies on optical waves in layered media utilizing the anisotropic transfer matrix approach, the Berreman method, and effective medium theory. Then, we use the anisotropic transfer matrix method to analyze optical propagation through metallo-dielectric nanolayers deposited on electrooptic materials. The Berreman technique is used to derive a transfer function of propagation to model beam propagation in hyperbolic metamaterials. Finally, an artificial neural network technique is used to design desired spectra such as Gaussian and super-Gaussian using multilayer metallo-dielectric structures. © Anita Publications. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Effective medium theory, Negative refraction, Hyperbolic metamaterials, Multilayer structures, Neural networks.

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