Asian Journal of Physics Vol. 30 Nos 8 & 9 (2021) 1213-1224

Propagation of optical coherence and polarization through linear optical systems
A Yelashetty1, N Gupta1, D Dhirhe1 and G Unnikrishnan2


Coherence Stokes parameters, also known as generalized or two-point Stokes parameters, are being widely studied in partial coherence theory. These coherence Stokes parameters can define the degree and state of polarization and degree of scalar and electromagnetic coherence. Linear Canonical Transforms (LCT) form an elegant mathematical tool to study the coherence and polarization properties by using matrix elements of linear optical systems. In this article, we review the propagation of coherence and polarization in linear optical systems such as free space and simple lens system developed in terms of LCT of underlying the electric field components. Simulation results are presented to compare the Gaussian and multi-Gaussian Schell model beams propagating through such systems. © Anita Publications. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Partial coherence, Linear Canonical Transforms, Generalized Stokes parameters, Multi-Gaussian Schell model beams.

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