Asian Journal of Physics Vol. 30 Nos 8 & 9 (2021) 1243-1252

Stable and unstable structured vortex beams, their energy flows and accompanying vortex spectra
A Volyar1, E Abramochkin2, E Razueva2, Ya Akimova1, M Bretsko1 and Yu Egorov1


The problem of the structural stability of structured vortex beams in both theoretical and experimental optical aspects is considered. We have refined the standard structural stability condition of structured vortex beams by the requirement that the fine structure of the intensity pattern to be constant up to scale and rotation when propagating. We have considered three types of the vortex beams: 1) structurally unstable beams consisting of two LG modes with mismatched amplitudes and phases, 2) stable non-rotating beams with matched amplitudes and phases, and 3) spiral vortex beams rotating when propagating. We have revealed that the critical points pattern in the structurally stable non-rotating beams forms three separatrices, which do not allow the external rotating energy flow to involve the beam fine structure into rotation that together with the scale transformations can significantly distort the beam. Analyzing the chaotic speckle structure of a perturbed structured beam, we have shown that measuring its amplitude and phase spectra by the intensity moments technique in LG and HG bases makes it possible to restore the initial mode structure of the beam. © Anita Publications. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Optical vortex beams, Laguerre-Gauss beams, Optical catastrophes.

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