Asian Journal of Physics Vol 32, Nos 9 – 12 (2023) 525-530

Theoretical investigation on impact ionization of argon gas-filled cavities

 Navin Kumar Sharma1, Ram Prakash Lamba2, Udit Narayan Pal2 and Y Choyal1
1School of Physics, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore-452 001, India
2CSIR-Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Pilani-333 031, India
Dedicated to Prof B N Basu

In this study, a theoretical analysis of electron beam impact ionization of argon-filled cavities has been carried out. A kinetic model has been developed to investigate the evolution of the different species of argon atoms and ions generated due to the energy deposition of the electron beam. The model includes a set of equations for neutral and charged species. Numerical analysis has been performed for the electron beam of energy 10 keV having different current densities. The typical evolution of densities of Ar, excited Ar, Ar+, excited Ar+, and Ar2+ has been presented at different gas pressures. It is found that most of the electron beam energy is deposited in the generation of Ar+ ions. Excitation states 4s(4P3/2) and 4s(4P1/2) of Ar+ ions are populated dominantly which can give extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation in the range of 40-110 nm © Anita Publications. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Dielectric barrier discharge (DBD), Excimer, Conversion efficiency, Simulation.

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