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AJP ISSN : 0971 – 3093
Vol  1, No. 1, January, 1992

Journal of Physics

Vol  1, No. 1, January, 1992

Opening Issue of AJP
Vol 1, No 1, 1992

Hyperfine structure in the electronic Raman spectrum of 79Br and 18Br


M. Ganz and W Kiefer

Phase transformations of monochloroacetic acid with aromatic hydrocarbons as impurities


B Amitha, S K Roy and J Uchil

Bond properties of iodine-pyridine complexes using Raman band parameters


A Bigotto, A N Pandey, D R Singh and Sanyam Bhardwaj

Lattice dynamics of transition metal oxide NiO using three body shell model


S Mohan and T. Radjakoumar

Estimation of excited state electric dipole moments of some trisubstituted benzenes from the solvent effect on their electronic spectra                                                                                   


M K Aralakkanavar, P R Jeeragal, G B Kalakoti and M A Shashidhar

Electrical conductivity of the system Ni1-x Gex Fe2O4


H N Pandya and R G Kulkarni

Critical wave vector for collective electron oscillations in solids


O K Harsh, K C M Shukla and Tapasi Dhar

Infrared study of pyridine-p-tolyl urea


A Natrajan, C R Gopinath and C Delano Barnabas Ilango

Polarizabilities, susceptibilities and electron ionization cross-sections of five membered ring compounds                                                                                                                                 


J R Chopra and U S Arora

Spectral studies of some new Co(II) complexes   


Suresh K Agarwal, T K Pant, D K Tyagi and G P Pokhariyal

Bond polarizability derivatives of some polyatomic molecules     


H P Mital, Y C Sharma and R K Sharma

Spectral studies of some new lanthanide(III) iodide complexes               


R K Agarwal

Vapour phase infrared spectra of o-aminobenzonitrile                 


S L Gupta and Babu lal

Laser Raman and infrared spectra of 3,5-di-fluorobenzonitrile                         


G Bottura, Sushma Arora, J K Gupta and V K Rastogi

 Vol 1, No 1 (1992), 56-57

Vapour phase infrared spectrum of o-aminobenzonitrile

S L Gupta and Babu Lal*

Department of Physics M M (PG) College
Modinagar-201 204, India

Recently Rastogi et al have reported the infrared spectra of o-amino­benzonitrile in solid phase. As the compound was highly fluorescent, its Raman spectra could not be recorded and hence the assignments made by them could not be compared with the Raman data. Therefore, in order to have a consistent interpretation of the vibrational frequencies of this molecule, we have recorded the IR spectrum of this compound in vapour phase and the results are reported in the present note. The IR spectrum was recorded with Jasco spectrophotometer model FTIR/7000 by warming the powder substance in a variable T cell and warming the KBr windows of the cell to avoid condensation of the gas. About 0.5 g of the substance (H2NC6H4CN; FW 118.14; mp 47-49°C; bp 267-268°C) was introduced in a 10 cm quartz cell with KBr windows, which was evacuated and sealed and temperature was controlled by two thermocouples. The IR spectrum is shown in fig 1

Out of total 39 normal modes of vibration of this molecule, only 15 modes could appear in the vapour phase. Further, a comparison of the observed vapour phase spectrum with the spectra in the liquid or solid phase shows that the frequency or band width of most of the bands observed does not change markedly in the vapour phase. An attempt was also made to record the laser Raman spectrum of the substance by varying the laser powers, but it was not worth mentioning. The assignment of the observed bands (Table 1) are in agreement with the data available for related molecules. 1,3


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