Asian Journal of Physics Vol. 31, Nos 3-6 (2022) A15-A25

Dynamic speckle imaging based on dynamic mode decomposition
Raghunandan Kalibhat1, Rishikesh Kulkarni1 and Parama Pal2

We present a data-driven method for capturing the evolution of spatially and temporally varying speckle patterns. Our method is based on the dynamic mode decomposition (DMD) technique, which is a powerful framework for analyzing the dynamics of nonlinear systems using dimensionality reduction. We describe the steps to be followed for applying the DMD framework to experimental as well as synthetic speckle image data and benchmark its performance against some well-established speckle analysis techniques. © Anita Publications. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Optical metrology, Speckle contrast imaging, Non-destructive testing, Dynamic mode decompositions

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