Asian Journal of Physics Vol 32, Nos 5 – 8 (2023) 369-383

Types of structured light beams and their applications in optical cryptography: A review

Allarakha Shikder1, Praveen Kumar2, Naveen K Nishchal3 and Kehar Singh4
1,3Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Patna, Patna-801 106, Bihar, India
2Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai, GEC Campus, Sejbahar, Raipur-492 015, India
4Optics and Photonics Center, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi-110 016, India
Dedicated in memory of Prof John Sheridan

Structured light beams have custom-shaped spatial amplitude, phase, and polarization distributions. Generation of various types of the structured beams is possible, depending on the spatial beam profile. Such beams have found attractive applications in science and technology owing to their unique properties resulting from inhomogeneous beam shaping. This paper reviews different types of structured light beams, with numerical simulation, and their recently emerged applications. The applications of structured beams in optical information security have been discussed and simulation results have been presented. The study would be beneficial for new researchers in this emerging area of ‘Structured light’ © Anita Publications. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Structured light beams, Vortex beams, Optical angular momentum, Optical singularity, Polarization.

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