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AJP ISSN : 0971 – 3093
Vol  9, No. 4, October-December, 2000

Journal of Physics


Vol 9, No 4, October-December (2000)
(An International Quarterly Research Journal of Physics)


Investigation of SERS-activity of binary Ag-Ni films 841
E Vogel and W kiefer
The atmospheric aerosol optical depth determination from IRS-P3 MOS data over shifting cultivation areas 851
Yogesh Kant, A B Ghosh, V Krishna Prasad and K V S Badrinath
Effects of UV-B on the growth of Maize plants using fluorescence parameters 861
Shyam Singh
Numerical simulation of a Q-switched diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser  865
P kundu, A D Shaligram and V N Saxena
More accurate line shape function for the TEM q00 mode of a passive FP optical resonator 875
Ramesh Bahu Thayyullathil and T M A Rasheed
Transition probabilities and dissociation energy of astrophysical molecular ion AsO+ 881
K Nagarajan, V Raja, R Subbiah and N Rajamanickam
An alternative approach of using tree architecture for parallel optical logic operations 885
Partha Ghosh and Sourangshu Mukhopadhyay
Structural, dielectric and electrical properties of Pb1-xCaxWO4, ceramics 889
N K Singh, A D Singh and R N P Choudhary
Laser produced spectra of Al2 molecule 895
R Gopal and M M Joshi
Optimization of aspect ratio and air flow rate for maximum efficiency of solar air heaters 899
M K Gandhi, R C Agarwal and S C Kaushik
Computation of  ψbar ψ in terms of canonical quark and antiquark creation and annihilation operators 905
Neelam Bhatnagar and M S Kushwaha
Macromolecular behaviour of polystyrene  909
MVN Ambika Prasad, A P Gnanaprakash ,B S Krishnamurthy and A Venkataraman
Polarizations and hamiltonians for the electron-phonon systems 917
B K Singh, V J Menon and K C Sood
Electrical properties of thermally evaporated indium tin oxide thin films  923
Joseph George and C S Menon
Enhanced electromagnetic theory  929
F M Kabbary, M Khattab, A Fayoumi, A M Swidan and M C Hately