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AJP ISSN : 0971 – 3093
Vol 30, No 12, December, 2021

Journal of Physics

Volume 30 No 12December, 2021

A Special Issue Dedicated
Prof D Rao

Guest Edited By : D N Rao & Chandra S Yelleswarapu

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Asian Journal of Physics
(A Publication Not for Profit)
Volume 30, No 12 (2021)

Nonlinear optical properties of certain colored, free-flowing, dye-based fountain pen inks
Ajay A R, Beryl C and Reji Philip1619

Measurement of blood oxygen saturation using a single wavelength photoacoustic Z-scan technique
Albert Kamanzi, Helena Rudolph, Sumit Agrawal, Sri Rajasekhar Kothapalli and Chandra S Yelleswarapu1627

Wavelength dependent cubic nanoparticles formation on copper surfaces by femtosecond laser irradiation
Md Abu Taher, D Narayana Rao, and Sri Ram G Naraharisetty1637

Nonlinear optical properties of carbon nanoparticles in sol-gel composites studied by optical and photoacoustic Zscan techniques
I M Kislyakov, I M Belousova, S K Evstrop’ev, T D Murav’eva, and C S Yelleswarapu1647

Quantitative interferometric off-axis methods in biomedical microscopy research
N Lue1653

Mechanical characterization of polyaniline film chemically grown on glass substrate
Duong Ngoc Huyen1667

Nonlinear optical transmission and optical power limiting characteristics of axial bonding type tin(iv) porphyrins with different peripheral substituents at the meso-positions
M V Vijisha, Reshma Joseph, Sebastian Nybin Remello and K Chandrasekharan1673

High spatial frequency laser induced periodic surface structures
Mudasir H Dar and D Narayana Rao1683

Theoretical analysis of optogenetic excitation of ON and OFF retinal ganglion neurons
Gur Pyari, Himanshu Bansal and Sukhdev Roy1689

Printable metallic nanoparticle-induced surface plasmonic resonance enhancement on infrared photodetector under femtosecond laser frequency comb illumination
Guiru Gu, Thitikorn Kemsri, Boyang Xiang, Cheryl Schnitzer and Xuejun Lu1699