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AJP ISSN : 0971 – 3093
Vol 30, No 12, December, 2021

Journal of Physics

Volume 30 No 12December, 2021

A Special Issue Dedicated
Prof D Rao

Guest Edited By : D N Rao & Chandra S Yelleswarapu

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Asian Journal of Physics
(A Publication Not for Profit)
Volume 30, No 12 (2021)

Nonlinear optical properties of certain colored, free-flowing, dye-based fountain pen inks
Ajay A R, Beryl C and Reji Philip1619

Measurement of blood oxygen saturation using a single wavelength photoacoustic Z-scan technique
Albert Kamanzi, Helena Rudolph, Sumit Agrawal, Sri Rajasekhar Kothapalli and Chandra S Yelleswarapu1627

Wavelength dependent cubic nanoparticles formation on copper surfaces by femtosecond laser irradiation
Md Abu Taher, D Narayana Rao, and Sri Ram G Naraharisetty1637

Nonlinear optical properties of carbon nanoparticles in sol-gel composites studied by optical and photoacoustic Zscan techniques
I M Kislyakov, I M Belousova, S K Evstrop’ev, T D Murav’eva, and C S Yelleswarapu1647

Nonlinear optical transmission and optical power limiting characteristics of axial bonding type tin(iv) porphyrins with different peripheral substituents at the meso-positions
M V Vijisha, Reshma Joseph, Sebastian Nybin Remello and K Chandrasekharan1673