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 AJP ISSN : 0971 – 3093
Vol 31, No 7, July 2022

Journal of Physics

Vol 31           No 7 July 2022

Advisory Editors : W. Kiefer, FTS Yu, Maria J Yzuel

A Special Issue in honour
Prof Maria J Yzuel

Guest Editor : Eva Acosta

FF-43, 1st Floor, Mangal Bazar, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110 092, India

Asian Journal of Physics
(A Publication Not for Profit)
Volume 31, No 7 (2022)

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Guest Editorial

An Interview with Maria J Yzuel: V K Rastogii

Creating holography: 75th anniversary of Gabor’s invention
Augusto Beléndez, John T Sheridan and Inmaculada Pascual651

Halo in extended depth of focus and bifocal intraocular lenses
F Vega, J A Azor and Maria S Millán663

Measurement of the displacement field of non-planar surfaces using ESPI
Juan Antonio Rayas, Amalia Martínez-García, Ana Karen Reyes and Miguel León-Rodríguez677

Tailoring spatial light coherence: scalar scenario
R Martínez-Herrero,G Piquero, J C G deSande, M Santarsiero and F Gori689

Wavefront phase calculation of optical vector beams using phase shifting interferometry
P García-Martínez, I Moreno and M M Sánchez-López697

Thermal nonlinear optical properties of iron oxide nanoparticles
Daniel Arranz, Oscar Pérez-Benito, Victor Pérez-Alonso, Patricia de la Presa and Rosa Weigand715

New family of Jacobi-Fourier aberrations for wavefront coding
E Acosta, E González Amador, A Padilla and J Arines723

Optics and stereopsis
R G Anera, L Jiménez del Barco and J R Jiménez731

Hyperspectral imaging for skin cancer and blood disorders diagnosis
AMeritxell Vilaseca, Francisco J Burgos-Fernández, Laura Rey-Barroso, Mónica Roldán,
Susanna Gassiot, Edurne Sarrate, Ignacio Isola and Anna Ruiz Llobet

Review and comparison of different representations of Zernike polynomials
Daniel Malacara-Doblado and Daniel Malacara-Hernández747

A review of the Knife Edge Inteferometer (KEI)
Efren Santamaría Juárez and Alejandro Cornejo Rodríguez771

Introducing m-learning in the classroom: a proposal for diffraction and image processing training
Maria L Calvo779

An asymmetric optical cryptosystem based on Radon transform for phase image encryption
Ravi Kumar, Sakshi and Kehar SinghA1