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 AJP ISSN : 0971 – 3093
Vol 31, No 8, August, 2022

Journal of Physics

Volume 31 No 8 August, 2022

A Special Issue in honour
Prof Cesar A Sciammarella

Guest Edited By : Eva Acosta

Anita Publications
FF-43, 1st Floor, Mangal Bazar, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110 092, India

About Prof Cesar A Sciammarella

Cesar A Sciammarella is Professor Emeritus in the Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Department at Illinois Institute of Technology.
Education: Six-year diploma in Civil Engineering, University of Buenos Aires, 1950. Ph.D. from the Illinois Institute of Technology, thesis advisor A.J. Durelli, 1960.
Academic Carrier: His academic carrier began in Argentina. In 1952 Professor in the Argentine Army Engineering school, in 1957 Professor of the School of Engineering, University of Buenos Aires. In 1961 Associated Professor the Department of Engineering Mechanics of the University of Florida, in 1963 Full Professor.
In 1967 Professor at the Department of Aerospace and Applied Mechanics, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, New York. In 1973 Professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Director of the Experimental Stress Analysis Laboratory. In 2008 he became Emeritus Professor.
From1991–1998, Non-Resident Professor at the Universita Degli Study, in Nuoro, Italy.
Visiting Professor ships: Visiting Professorship sponsored by the British Research council in the Universities of Sheffield and Bristol, 1966. Polytechnic Institute of Milano Italy (1972,1976); University of Cagliari (1979) Italy; Polytechnic Institute of Lausanne (1979) Switzerland; University of Poitiers (1980) France; and Polytechnic Institute of Bari (1992,1994,1998,2003– 2008) Italy.
Research work: His most important research work is in the field of Optical Methods applied to Experimental Mechanics.
He pioneered many experimental techniques utilizing optical signals in the general sense of electromagnetic waves applied to problems of solid mechanics. What factors control the resolutions that can be achieved in space and time utilizing imaging techniques. He applies mathematically based self-consistent approaches that covers a wide spectrum of scales, macro, micro, nanometer, and sub-nanometer scales. These different developments were applied to moiré patterns, speckle patterns, holographic patterns, MRI patterns, in 2-D and 3D applications.
Applications to scientific and technological problems: He applied optical techniques and other methods of experimental mechanics to important scientific and technical problems. Fracture mechanics of metals both lineal and non-lineal. Two dimensional and three-dimensional, detailed analysis of the crack tips elastic, plastic, pre-fracture, and fracture. An extensive study on the fracture of high strength steel alloys vessels under internal pressure. Fatigue fracture of metals using gamma-rays’ spectroscopy. Composite materials, fracture of single plays of glass-epoxy under dynamic loads in the range of strain rates of 0.01 1/minute to 100,000 1/minute. Particulate composites: study of the brittleness of metal matrix reinforced with hard particles. Extensive study of the damage mechanism of particulate composites under repeated tensile loading with high resolution microscopy and modeling with finite elements. Rolling fatigue, wear, and fracture of railroad wheels.
Contributions in bioengineering: Study of the vertebral column mechanical properties and effects of different types of reinforcements introduced by surgery of the vertebral column. Study of knee-cap prosthesis contact stress damage. Extraction of displacements and strains of the heart from MRI images.
Contributions to the field of sub-wavelength optics: Going beyond the Rayleigh limit, holographic optical detection of information at the sub-wavelength level, light generation at the nanoscale, interferometry at the nanoscale. Development of instrumentation for nano-field metrology with resolution in the atomic and sub-atomic order.
Applications to metrology. Replacement of mechanical sensors of CMM machines with optical reading heads. High accuracy techniques to measure shape of 3-D bodies.
Technological processes: Residual stresses in the fabrication of electronic chips, from the wafer stage and ending with the actual cut chips. Measurement of residual stresses generated in the process of welding of electronic chips to substrates. Fracture of complex electronic chips due to thermal stressing. Coated substrates, measurement of residual stresses in the fabrication setup.
Important Engineering Projects: George Marshal Space Flight Center, NASA. Theoretical and experimental design analysis of the Saturn V-IVB bulkhead complex part of the third stage of Saturn V. This stage played a critical role in the Apollo mission.
In the 1970 analysis of the design of a critical turbine for the landing of the space shuttle.
In 1983, during a sabbatical year, Head of the Structural Designing and Building Group of a 50 meters diameter steel sphere, containment building of a 500Mw nuclear reactor in the Argentine republic. Patents.3 USA patents.
Books: Co-author, Experimental Mechanics of solids, Wiley, 2012. Co-author, The Old and the New. A narrative of the history of the Society for Experimental Mechanics, Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2018.
Co-editor. Advancement in Optical Methods in Experimental Mechanics, Volume 3: Proceedings of 2017 Annual conference on Experimental and Applied Mechanics, January 2018, Springer. Advancements of Optical Methods in Experimental Mechanics Vol 3: Conference Proceedings of the 2013 Annual Conference of the Society of Experimental Mechanics Series. January 2014 Springer. Imaging Methods for Novel Materials and Challenging Applications, Vol 3 Proceedings of the 2012 Conference of Experimental and Applied Mechanics, Springer 2013.
Journal Papers, proceedings, Chapters of Books. More than 430 papers and over 4500 recorded citations:
Awards: SEM, Fellow, Hetenyi, Lazan, Frocht, Theocaris awards. William Murray Lecture and Medal. In 2013 Honorary Membership. 2011 the British Society for Strain Measurement, Fylde Electronic Price for best paper published in Strain in 2010. In 2013, Polytechnic of Bari Life Achievement Award. In 2014 Life achievement Award, International Conference on Computational and Experimental Engineering and Sciences, Changwon, Korea. Life Achievement Award, European Society for Experimental Mechanics, EURASEM, 2016. Lifetime member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Life Honorary Member of the Italian Association of Stress Analysis.